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January 2018


It's getting hot in here South Australia, with some areas getting up to a sweltering 45 degrees! Read on for some tips to save your plumbing this summer.

**Temporary Hot Water Systems**
Did you know we have temporary hot water systems available if your current hot water system suddenly stops working? They are for that interim emergency period when you or your tenant need hot water fast. We allow up to a week of free usage of our temporary hot water systems, provided our quote for repairs or replacement is accepted. Rest assured that we won’t leave you without hot water!
 5 tips to prepare your plumbing for summer:
Check your water pressure:
High water pressure in your home can cause a multitude of problems over time such as leaking taps and burst pipes, which can result in costly repairs. Getting your water pressure checked and installing a pressure limiting valve is a worthwhile investment. Australian Standards state that water pressure should not exceed 500Kpa. If so, and repairs are necessary, this can possibly void the manufacturer’s warranty of your tapware and appliances and even your property insurance.

Hot Water System maintenance:
Summer is the "off peak" season for using hot water. This makes it the perfect time to get your system checked to ensure it is operating correctly. You will thank yourself for doing this in summer to prevent your hot water failing on those cold winter mornings!

Sewer Line Damage:
If you notice your sink draining slowly this could mean an issue with your sewer line. During summer, overgrown tree roots are a common issue that can block these pipes. Getting them cleared by a plumber before they are completely blocked can save the cost of a pipe repair. 

Inspect your Hoses and Valves:
A cause of leaks in summer are washing machine hoses. Ensure they are fitting tightly and make sure the valves are working by turning them on and off. The same goes for flexi hoses underneath your sinks and basins. 

Solar Hot Water Systems:
Solar Hot Water systems are extremely good energy saving devices in both summer and winter. They can be linked to electric or gas boosted energy sources and we can tailor every system to each individual customer to suit their needs.
Brown and Son Plumbing is passionate about the environment and we have many more plumbing solutions available to our customers interested in energy saving, water saving and water re-use. Grey water and rainwater systems incorporating irrigation and re-use to the home are a few other options we offer.

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Call us on 1300 367 528 (free call) or 8367 8383
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Call us on 1300 367 528 (free call) or 8367 8383