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March 2018

We have a new exciting product that we were wanting to share with all of our valued customers. *Drum roll* Introducing Aquatrip! Huh, you say? What is Aquatrip? Well if you
invest in one it can potentially save you money in the long run! It's a leak detection system that can pick up a leak before it costs you a huge water bill or causes damage to
your house.


3 benefits of using Aquatrip
There are a variety of different valves available to suit your needs!
Save money in the long run by avoiding hefty water bills associated with leaks that Aquatrip can pick up before they become an issue!
Prevents major flooding of your property and small leaks that may
not be visually detectable.
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Call us on 1300 367 528 (free call) or 8367 8383