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February 2018

Here at Brown and Son Plumbing we are always thinking about energy efficiency and ways to reduce our carbon footprint. If this is something you are interested in you may want to consider a solar hot water system.


5 benefits of using solar energy to heat your water:
Living in Australia with the blaring sun makes solar a good viable option.
Using energy from the sun is free and is much better for the environment than using electricity and gas which relies on burning fossil fuels that emit harmful gases which contribute to global warming and air pollution.

There are government incentives that can help offset installation costs and you will save money in the long run on monthly gas and electricity bills.
Our choice of manufacturers provide leading industry warranties and have reduced ongoing maintenance as opposed to previous solar hot water systems
If you decide to use a solar gas boosted unit, a continuous flow unit is included as a backup booster. This is an excellent feature as it means you will never run out of hot water.
Brown and Son Plumbing is passionate about the environment and we have many more plumbing solutions available to our customers interested in energy saving, water saving and water re-use. Grey water and rainwater systems incorporating irrigation and re-use to the home are a few other options we offer tailored to each individual customer and their needs.
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Call us on 1300 367 528 (free call) or 8367 8383
Our many services include:
1. General Plumbing Services: blocked drains, leaking taps, stormwater systems and water filtration systems to name a few

2. Complete Bathroom renovations - from design to completion

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5. All Gas services, including installation of appliances and repairs

6. Roofing & gutter repairs

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Call us on 1300 367 528 (free call) or 8367 8383