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April 2018


Sometimes you just want to get the job done yourself when a plumbing issue arrises in your home, whilst there may be some things you can tackle yourself there are many things that you also can't without the proper licensing. 

If you do find yourself in the midst of a DIY job and
need help please do not hesitate to call us.


3 Disadvantages of DIY Work
Lack of Knowledge: 
Without the knowledge of a licensed plumber there is a lot that can
go wrong that could even endanger your family such as the
Hot Water System explosion covered in the news story above (a bit of an extreme example but enough to make you worry a little)!

Make Situation Worse:
When a DIY job is done sometimes it can worsen the situation and end up giving you more grief in the long run.

Increase Costs:
Although the goal may be to save money and do it yourself it may actually end up costing you more if done incorrectly.
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While this may seem like a genius replacement for a shower head please do not try at home....
Our many services include:
1. General Plumbing Services: blocked drains, leaking taps, stormwater systems and water filtration systems to name a few

2. Complete Bathroom renovations - from design to completion

3. Kitchen

4 Hot Water Service installations and repairs

5. All Gas services, including installation of appliances and repairs

6. Roofing & gutter repairs

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Call us on 1300 367 528 (free call) or 8367 8383